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Supercharge Your Rural Internet Service Today!

Finally enjoy fast internet that’s perfect for gaming and streaming. Say goodbye to buffering and annoying lag and say hello to Blazing Hog!

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    Simple. No Contracts or Credit Checks.

    Designed for versatility, speed, and simplicity, Blazing Hog provides a fast, trustworthy Internet connection no matter where you are.


    Up To 300 GB+ More Data

    Data limits are a thing of the past with Blazing Hog! Stream movies, play games, connect on social media, and more with up to 300 GB of high-speed data!


    #1 Blazing Fast Speeds

    With a national average download speed of 25 Mbps, you won’t be wasting time while waiting for something to buffer! Blazing Hog is fast!


    100% Nationwide Availability

    Think dial-up, satellite, or slow DLS internet is your only option? Blazing Hog offers nationwide 4G LTE coverage to even the most rural locations.

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    Get Started With Blazing Hog

    Blazing Hog is the right choice for fast, reliable, and affordable rural Internet service available nationwide.

    What Is Blazing Hog Wireless Internet? Based on 4G LTE technology, Blazing Hog delivers versatility that other providers can’t! Whether you want to stream your favorite movies and TV shows, browse the web and social media, or even play competitive online games, you’ll be able to do it anywhere in the US with a 25 Mbps average download speed! How Your Blazing Hog Service Is Powered? Powered by the same network towers that provide signals to your phone, we’ve partnered with the largest 4G LTE carriers to deliver Internet to even the ruralist of locations. After ordering, we’ll ship you a modem that’s connected to these towers and gets you data for your phone, tablet, computer, or any Wi-Fi enabled device! Our high speeds and low pings will satisfy even the most demanding users. With a national average of 25 Mbps and ultra-low ping rate, you’ll be able to do all of the things you love online like stream, game, connect, shop, and more!

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    Reliable. Perfect for working from home, doing schoolwork, shopping and more

    Powerful – connect your devices and have enough bandwidth for all your video streaming and browsing

    Value – comparable in price to satellite internet options, but enough data and speed to use the internet the way you want to!

    The Easiest Set-up. Plug in the power cable, connect your devices to WiFi and get ready to be impressed by REAL internet!

    Customer Testimonials

    Here’s what Blazing Hog customers had to say about our internet service: